Simplicity and profundity of social media in management in the Sub-Saharan Countries

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International Journal of Recent Research in Commerce Economics and Management (IJRRCEM)


With an approximate population of over 600 million people (World Bank Group), Africa remains demographically, one of the most attractive users of social media. Essoungou, (2010) suggests that, using social media platforms, to send and read e-mails, read news, and post research queries have become less important activities for Africans, indicating that everyone is on social media. However, very little is known about how social media is used for management functions, by the managers and other organization leaders. This is partly because of the taken-forgranted assumptions that social media cover communications field and very little in other disciplines, a long side the fact that age bracket for mangers is skewed to older ages. This is made worse by the vastness of the continent and the poverty aspect of the sub-Saharan Africa. The various social media studies from the marketing field, argues that the pattern of economic-political changes taking place in sub-Saharan Africa indicates that the region is not only opening but also quickly becoming the next economic power. Social media creates value in management functions and is leverage for competitive advantage in management functions and cost-benefit analysis for investing in social media management services creates efficiency and effectiveness for greater performance. The study will use mixed method research design through mining secondary data from World Bank dataset on social media activities, taking four countries to represent the sub-Saharan Africa: Kenya, DRC Congo, South Africa, and Nigeria. Content analysis is used to structure the review and analysis of the existing dataset. The paper looks up to challenging management to buy in social media to a level where social media will have an anchor in management to move business to a greater level.



Simplicity, Profundity, social media, Sub-Saharan Africa


Ekambi j,Simplicity and profundity of social media in management in the Sub-Saharan Countries,2022