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An Evaluation of Change Communication during Organizational Change in Non-Governmental Organizations: A Case of AMREF Health Africa, Kenya
(Daystar University, School of Communication, 2023-10) Nthiani, Winfred Nduku
Effective change communication is vital for organizational success, shaping perceptions among employees and stakeholders. This study explored this relationship in Kenyan NGOs, focusing on Amref Health Africa. Amref Health Africa underwent significant restructuring, transforming into subsidiaries, yet to date the role played by communication remains unclear. This study has three objectives: (i) to assess the communication strategies employed by managers to convey the transition of Amref Health Africa from AMREF to employees within Amref Health Africa. (ii) to examine the key determinants of effective change communication between management and employees during organizational changes at Amref Health Africa. (iii) to analyze the relationship between organizational change initiatives at Amref Health Africa and the effectiveness of change communication methods employed. A total of 413 employees within the Kenya office of Amref Health Africa were included in the study, and a sample size of 80 respondents was determined employing the Solvin formula. All ten departmental heads were selected through census sampling. A cross-sectional mixed methods descriptive design combined quantitative data from questionnaires with qualitative insights from interviews. Qualitative data was analyzed with NVivo 11, and SPSS version 24 was used to analyze quantitative data, employing descriptive statistics and correlation analysis. The study's findings highlight the pivotal significance of effective change communication within Amref Health Africa, substantially influencing organizational change. It is evident that fostering inclusive communication is essential for comprehensive employee engagement, which is crucial for the success of change initiatives. The study further highlights the need to prioritize information dissemination as a means to augment transparency and collaborative efforts.
An Assessment of the Socioeconomic Impact of the Ethio-Eritrea War (1998-2018): The Case of Eritrean Refugees in Nairobi, Kenya
(Daystar University, School of Arts and Humanities, 2023-09) Zemichael, Daniel
This study was an assessment of the socioeconomic impact of the Ethio – Eritrea war that took place between 1998-2000 and the subsequent stand off until the 2018 peace agreement between the two Countries. The study adopted case study and ethnographic research design. The researcher used both qualitative and quantitative method as the approach to understand the socio-economic beliefs and experiences of Eritrean refugees in Nairobi, Kenya. Primary data was collected using FGDs and Questionnaires. Secondary data was gathered through the review and analysis of journals, books, academic papers, and other available materials on conflict and migration. The findings illustrate that there are a number of social and economic challenges facing many of the citizens of Eritrea. This can be attributed to the various policies that were introduced by the government of Eritrea which has hampered the human rights of many Eritreans. Eritrean refugees in Nairobi also face various economic and social challenge, obtaining formal employment can be challenging for refugees due to legal restrictions, language barriers, lack of recognized qualifications, and discrimination. The other critical issue tied to their economic status is that, many of the Eritrean refugees’ encounter challenges related to legal status and documentation. Issues such as lack of valid identification cards, refugee status determination, or residency permits can affect their access to essential services, employment opportunities, and protection under the law. The study recommends, the government of Eritrea to be the guardian of the rights of its citizens by upholding the rights of each individual regardless of their political or social inclination. The persecution of people based on their political or religious convictions must stop, so that the diversity of Eritreans can flourish for the benefit of the nation.
An Assessment Of The Relationship Between Parenting Styles And Self-Esteem Among Children In Late Childhood And Adolescence: A Case Of Tumaini Primary School In Kayole Zone, Embakasi West Sub-County, Nairobi County, Kenya
(Daystar University, School of Applied Human Sciences, 2023-08) Rukwaro, Loise Wanjiru
Globally, parents are using different parenting styles to raise their children which is known to have an impact on their self-esteem development. This in turn impairs their overall well-being and development in different aspects of their lives. The objectives of the study were to establish the different parenting styles employed by parents of children aged 9-15 years old; assess the type of self-esteem associated with different parenting styles among the children in the target population; and evaluate the relationship between sociodemographic characteristics of the children, their self-esteem, and parenting styles employed among them. Both correlational and descriptive research designs were used, and the entire target population, 1201 pupils, formed the study sample. A self-administered closed-ended questionnaire was used to obtain quantitative data. The questionnaire had three sections: socio-demographics, PSDQ, and CSEI. Data was analyzed via SPSS, version 20. Some of the study findings were that the authoritarian parenting style was the most prevalent (70.4% identified it) among the respondents which negatively impacted their self-esteem development (M= 34-02 ± 5.38), (r= -0.51); half (50.2%) of the respondents concealed their self-esteem status; the authoritarian and dismissive parenting styles exhibited high defensiveness (r=0.35, r=0.011), respectively; respondents parents’ ages influenced both variables - mothers (p=0.005, p=0.011) and fathers (p=0.000); and single mother households (p=0.001) significantly influenced both variables. Among other recommendations, the study recommends the provision of more available counseling services to children in late adulthood and adolescence and sensitization of parents on the different parenting styles as well as the effect of each style on children’s self-esteem development.
Mosquito Diversity In The Nairobi – Kenya Urban Environment And Implications For Disease Transmission
(Research Gate, 2020-05) Kinuthia Geoffrey K, Ngure Veronica N, Kamau Luna, Beti Dunson, Lugalia Reuben, Wangila Agnes, Ngari Florence W, Mburu Faith W., and Kiarie Martha W
Mosquito surveillance and control efforts especially those carried out under programmatic settings by mosquito control departments of governments in many situations in Africa tend to focus on rural locales, mainly because this is where mosquito transmitted diseases have been found to be prevalent. In a recent study, we found an abundance of mosquitogenic conditions conducive for mosquito breeding in Nairobi in areas in close proximity to informal settlements, similar to previous studies. Thirteen different mosquito species were identified with Culex pipiens accounting for over 97% of the 7,605 mosquitoes sampled. Implications for disease transmission within the context of climate change and other factors are discussed. The evidence points to the need for enhanced vector surveillance and control in urban environments to minimize the risk of emergence and resurgence of mosquito-borne diseases.
Factors Encouraging The Use Of Insecticide Treated Bed-Nets By Women For Malaria Control in Ndavaya and Kinango Divisions of Kinango District of Kenya
(Journal of Sociology , Psychology and Anthropology in Practice, 2011) Mwanzo, I. Kimathi, G. and Affullo, A.
The aim of this study was to investigate and compare the factors that influence the use of Insecticide Treated Bed-Nets (ITNs) by women for malaria control in Ndavaya and Kinango Divisions of Kinango District of Kenya. A cross-sectional survey design using systematic sampling technique was applied to collect data from 204 women selected randomly from the two divisions. Semi structured questionnaire, Key Informant Interview and Focused Group Discussion were the instruments used to gather data. Data on variables such as age, educational level, incomes and source of nets were summarized using graphs. Chi-square test was applied to test whether the deviations observed were as a result of chance or due to other factors. Results indicated among others that the use of ITNs increased with the level of education and income. The government therefore should develop a communication package for malaria endemic areas, encourage further research to establish the factors that influence use of ITNs as well as explore the efficacy of indigenous malaria control mechanisms, using the appropriate government agencies.