The Interface Between Security And The Refugee Crises In Africa: A Contextual Analysis Of The Dadaab Refugee Camp In Kenya


This study sought to examine the interface between security and the refugee crises in Africa with a focus on Dadaab Refugee Camp in Kenya. The objectives of the study included; to examine the contextual background of the refugee crises in Kenya, to evaluate the impact of the refugee crises in Dadaab Refugee Camp on Kenya’s national security and to assess the intervention measures by the Government of Kenya in response to Dadaab refugee crises and national security. The study was qualitative in nature and adopted a descriptive research design. The study also adopted a case study approach. An interview schedule was used to collect data from the respondents. The study established that that among the key problems which are faced by the refugees including separation from their family members, high level of both physical and mental insecurities, lack of proper shelters, food insecurity, lack of proper education, health care and employment for their children. The study has also indicated that the presence of the Dadaab refugee camp has been responsible for the rising cases of insecurity both within the camp and outside the camp. This was because, inside the camp, cases of rape were reported on a daily basis, inter-clan infightings, burglary, as well as smuggling of contraband goods and hiding in of small arms. The study concluded that there were groups of criminals that took full advantage of refugee crises to trade in small arms and hide amongst refugees to camouflage their activities. The Kenya-Somalia boarder was plagued by insecurity that was attributed internally to banditry, illicit firearms, cattle rustling and inter-clan conflict. Refugees were also regarded as a group of vulnerable people who needed protection. The study recommends that in order to address the problem of illegal immigrants, the government should be provided with additional support by UNHCR and donors in order for it to increase the number of trained security personnel assigned to the Kenya-Somali border.



Interface Between Security And The Refugee, Crises In Africa, Analysis Of The Dadaab Refugee Camp In Kenya


Wangai.Peter Ndungu. The Interface Between Security And The Refugee Crises In Africa: A Contextual Analysis Of The Dadaab Refugee Camp In Kenya.Daystar University,Nairobi.