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Kenya boasts one of the vibrant media markets by the standards of East Africa. According to the Media Council of Kenya, there are about 3000 journalists operating in the country and who are registered with the statutory media regulating body. The number of journalists listed by the Media Council includes those who work for the media houses on a full time basis, correspondents, stringers or freelancers, and also students at the nation’s media schools. In order to appreciate the kind of journalist working in the Kenyan media it is helpful to first consider the Kenyan media landscape. There is almost an even spread of radio in the urban and in the rural, even if the urban may appear to have more stations. The majority of the media established in the city are the traditional ones: print, television, and radio. Most of these urban-based legacy media target the entire country and largely operate in either of the national languages of Kiswahili and English. The country has four national newspapers: Nation, Standard, Star and People, all published in English. The last regular daily publication is the Kiswahili language newspaper, Taifa Leo, a sister publication to the largest circulating newspaper



Media Council of Kenya, Journalists, Professional Ethics, Journalism in Transition


Journalists in Kenya Country Report by Levi Obonyo & Hesbon Hansen Owilla, Daystar University 13 March, 2017