Effect Of Strategic Planning Practices On The Performance Of Independent Protestant Churches In Kenya - A Case Of Nairobi Baptist Church

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School of Business and Economics, Daystar University


ABSTRACT This study investigated the effect of strategic planning practices on the performance of independent Protestant churches, with a specific focus on Nairobi Baptist Church (NBC) in Kenya. Grounded by the goal-setting theory, this research aimed to establish the evidence and utilization of strategic planning practices at NBC, assess its performance, and evaluate the effect of these practices on its performance. An explanatory descriptive research design was used. The study's target population was 478 individuals, including church members, officials, and pastors at NBC. A sample of 143 respondents (30% of the total population) was selected using stratified sampling. Primary and secondary data was collected through semi-structured questionnaires. Quantitative analysis by the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) included percentages, means, frequencies, and tables. Pearson's product-moment correlation examined how environmental scanning, strategic formulation, strategic implementation, and monitoring and evaluation are associated with organizational performance. Findings indicated the presence of all four strategic planning practices at NBC and revealed growth in church attendance, membership, tithe/giving, and ministry performance, albeit with room for improvement in clarifying ministry success criteria and youth engagement. The study concluded that environmental scanning and strategy implementation significantly and positively affected NBC performance, while strategy formulation and monitoring and evaluation showed weak, insignificant effects on performance. The study recommends NBC continue to engage in strategic planning practices while considering how changes in monitoring and evaluation terminology and communication could improve the effect its monitoring and evaluation practices have on performance.


Masters Thesis



Wanyoike, M. N.,