Influence of Functional Strategies on Competitive Advantage in AMREF Health Africa, Nairobi Kenya

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Daystar University School of Business and Economics


Functional strategies play a critical role in competitive advantage for a firm. The purpose of the study was to establish the influence of functional strategies on competitive advantage, in Amref Health Africa. The specific objectives were to establish the functional strategies adopted by Amref Health Africa, examine the levels of competitive advantage in Amref Health Africa and to establish whether functional strategies have influenced Amref Health Africa’s competitive advantage. The theories that informed the study were Porter’s Generic Theory, Management Theory, Administrative Management Theory and Resource-Based View Theory. The study adopted a descriptive research design. The target population was comprised of Senior, Middle and Lower-Level Leadership team from the Amref Institutions. They included AMREF Flying Doctors (AFD), Amref Enterprises (AEL), Amref Health Africa Headquarters (AHA) and Amref International University (AMIU). The study used a census approach where the entire population of 115 was used. Data was collected using a structured questionnaire and analysed by the use of descriptive statistics. Data analysing was conducted using SPSS version 26 software. The findings indicated that Amref Health Africa adopted the functional strategies. The findings also revealed to a large extent, that the organization had achieved competitive advantage. Finally, the results indicated that functional strategies are positively and significantly associated with competitive advantage of Amref Health Africa. The study concluded that, the functional strategies adopted by Amref Health Africa was human resource strategy, finance strategy and marketing strategy. The study also recommended that Amref Health Africa to invest adequately on functional strategies in order to be innovative to achieve its competitive advantage. Employees should be equipped with the skills, and technical competence to improve an organization's competitive advantage guided by human resource strategy.




Functional Strategies, Competitive Advantage, AMREF Health Africa


Makena.L(2022).Influence of Functional Strategies on Competitive Advantage in AMREF Health Africa, Nairobi Kenya:Daystar University School of Business and Economics(Thesis)