Challenges of Automation on Service Delivery at Kenya Power

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Daystar University, School of Business and Economics


Automated power industries not only focus on production efficiency but also strive to strike a balance between production and consumption. This study sought to investigate the challenges of automation strategy on service delivery at Kenya Power. To achieve this it was guided by research objectives which were: To determine challenges encountered by Kenya Power in the implementation of automation strategy at Kenya Power, determine the effects of these challenges on service delivery at Kenya Power and: To establish ways in which Kenya Power was dealing with these challenges. Descriptive research design was applied, specifically using the cross-sectional design. The population of this study was 3, 797 employees with a sample of 10% from each category adding to 125 employees was used. Questionnaires were used for data collection and frequency distribution, histograms and percentage to analysis the data. The study found that poor customer support from the system to the user made it difficult for the user to understand how the automated system was functioning. It also has found that the automated systems placed an additional layer of complexity between the actual system processes and sensory data the user was controlling. The study recommends that, senior executives must not assume that lower level managers have the same perceptions of the strategic plan and its implementation, its underlying rationale, and its urgency. Further, the management ought to be involved in training of employees to update the knowledge and skills of employees and that the staff should be provided with awareness creation and training programs on public service delivery in relation to their work in order to satisfy customers.


Master of Business Administration in Strategic Management


Automation on Service Delivery, Kenya Power


Matasyo. R. (2013). Challenges of Automation on Service Delivery at Kenya Power : Daystar University, School of Business and Economics, Nairobi.