Assessment Of Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Community-Based Interventions Among Refugees In Protracted Displacement In Urban Setups: Case Of Umoja Refugee Community-Based Organization, Nairobi, Kenya


ABSTRACT This study focused on assessing Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and community-based interventions for refugees in urban setups, particularly the Umoja Refugee Community-Based Organization (CBO) in Nairobi, Kenya. It was informed by the Cognitive Avoidance Model (CAM) and program-based theory. The study was guided by three objectives: assessing GAD prevalence and its precipitating factors, and gauging satisfaction with Umoja Refugee CBO's interventions. Initially, 215 participants were sampled, but the final analysis included 170 respondents. Using a descriptive survey design, data was collected through questionnaires and the GAD 7-item questionnaire thereafter analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS). The study established a significant GAD prevalence (30%) among refugees facing prolonged displacement, with higher rates among vulnerable groups such as women (62%) and youth (54%) without income sources. Precipitating factors encompassed economic instability, uncertain futures, and unmet basic needs, highlighting the multifaceted challenges refugees encounter. The study also found that community-based interventions that refugees found more satisfactory included providing necessities (85%), social support (79%), income-generating activities (45%), handicraft training (45%), and psychological support (53%). In contrast, group counseling (14%) and support for education (14%) were less accessible. Recommendations included targeted mental health awareness, culturally sensitive clinics, trauma-informed care, government support, durable solutions, and culturally tailored interventions. Additionally, supporting CBOs and involving refugee communities in program design for culturally appropriate initiatives was emphasized. These comprehensive strategies aimed to enhance refugees' quality of life and promote their integration into urban settings, recognizing the need for tailored mental health support and culturally sensitive interventions for refugees facing prolonged displacement.


Masters University


Anxiety Disorder, Community-Based Intervention, Refugees, Urban Setups, Umoja Refugee Community-Based Organization, Kenya


Anne-Marie, Manishimwe Rubera