The Contributions of Civil Society in Peacebuilding in Kenya: A Case Study of NCCK

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Daystar University School of Arts and Social Sciences


The background of the research was based on the increasing need to enhance peace in Kenya, particularly during the electioneering periods. Since its independence, the country has experienced disruptions in peace and national cohesion, which has compromised the ability of the country to enjoy the fruits of a well-developed democratic nation. The overall goal was to demonstrate how civil society can take part in ensuring long-lasting peace, despite having to go through different election cycles. The study problem was examining the contributions of the civil society in peacebuilding and national cohesion in Kenya, using a case study of NCCK. The study objectives included identifying the initiatives adopted by NCCK, the roles played by the organization, and the effectiveness of these initiatives in enhancing peace and national cohesion in Kenya. The research applied the interpretivism research philosophy that assumed qualitative research (case study). The NCCK will study civil society organizations’ role in national cohesion and peacebuilding in Kenya. The sample study was generated from respondents originating from NCCK, while the rest were from NCIC and the clergy. The researcher employed the thematic analysis approach to analyze the data obtained from the sample. The research findings established that civil societies play a huge role in establishing national cohesion through advocacy between the government and the general public. The study also unearthed that civil society is a critical faction in generating peaceful coexistence between the different ethnic communities for purposes of development in the country. It, thus, recommends strengthening the civil society peace initiatives to further push the peace agenda in the country. Consequently, the study also suggested the need to resolve past injustices by incorporating civil society and constitutional institutions for peaceful coexistence to be achieved in the country and adopting a multidisciplinary approach toward peace initiatives to implement peace initiatives in the country effectively.


MASTER OF ARTS in Diplomacy, Development, and International Security


Contributions, Civil Society, Peacebuilding, NCCK


Munjiru.L.M(2022). The Contributions of Civil Society in Peacebuilding in Kenya: A Case Study of NCCK:Daystar University School of Arts and Social Sciences(Thesis)