An examination into the efficacy of the fida-kenya initiatives for addressing gender based rights violations during the covid19 pandemic in Kenya


ABSTRACT Gender Based Rights Violation (GBRV), a vast reaching issue affecting all genders especially females, persists despite initiatives having been specifically created to address it. COVID19 created a situation that worsened GBRV by providing a suitable environment for its perpetuating, and directly challenged the methods that had been set-up to address GBRV by the forced re-structuring of society and operations. It was important to examine these initiatives as against COVID19 to be better equipped to address GBRV occurring within a humanitarian crisis. Employing the feminism theory and procedural justice theory, this study examined FIDA-Kenya initiatives and their efficacy for addressing GBRV cases during COVID19. The study based on three objectives; investigating the types of GBRV, evaluating the FIDA-Kenya initiatives for addressing GBRV and assessing the efficacy of the FIDA-Kenya initiatives for addressing GBRV during the COVID19 pandemic. It employed qualitative methods, examining 33 respondents. Types of GBRV experienced were rape, defilement, FGM, sodomy, assault, harassment, incest, child custody and maintenance, spousal maintenance, divorce, discrimination in job settings, land and property issues, and succession. Initiatives by FIDA-Kenya included Virtual Justice Centers, Toll-Free Line, Access to Justice Program, Self-Representation Training, Pro-bono Advocates Scheme, Mediation, Psychosocial Support, Alternative Justice Systems, and Strategic Impact Litigation. The study found the initiatives successful for addressing GBRV cases, but limitations on resources often frustrated the efficiency of the initiatives. The study recommends more financial, human and infrastructural resources, and technical literacy. Future studies into the effects of the pandemic on males, and examination of the AJS are recommended.


Masters Thesis


Examination, Efficacy, Fida, Kenya, Gender, Rights violations, Covid19, Pandemic


Allaanuboye-Omoboye, A. A.,