Influence Of World Vision International Organization Labor Practices On Youth Unemployment In Kondele Sub County, Kisumu County, Kenya.


ABSTRACT Young people have been greatly affected by unemployment which has led to them being involved in criminal activities as they try to earn a living. The purpose of this study was to determine the influence of World Vision International organization labor practices on youth unemployment in Kondele subcounty, Kisumu County in Kenya. The specific objectives were to assess the status of youth unemployment, to examine the influence of world vision international labor practices on level of youth unemployment and to find out the strategies can be put in place to enhance the role played by world vision international on youth unemployment in Kondele subcounty, Kisumu County. In the study, a descriptive research design was used. The current study was a census of all the 77 middle level employees in World Vision International in Kisumu County. The sample also consisted of 5 Key informants and 10 youth who participated in FGD. The findings showed a moderate level of unemployment in Kondele. The study's findings emphasize the positive impact of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) like World Vision International in enhancing employment opportunities in the community. These organizations have played a substantial role in addressing critical aspects of employability through skills training initiatives, vocational programs, microfinance support, and small business development. Based on the study findings, it was recommended that World Vision International should identify emerging industries in the region and design skills training programs that equip youth with the specific competencies and knowledge required for these sectors. This will enhance their employability in growing fields and promote economic diversification.


Masters Theology


World Vision International, labor practices, youth unemployment, kondele sub county, kisumu county, kenya


Otieno, Aloys Lavern