Role of Organizational Structure in Firm Growth Among Pentecostal Churches in Nairobi County, Kenya

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School of Business and Economics, Daystar University


The study sought to establish the role of organizational structure in firm growth among Pentecostal churches within Nairobi County, Kenya. The study adopted a descriptive research design and the population of the study was the senior management team of the Pentecostal churches. This included senior pastors and their designates. Data was collected using a questionnaire out of which 49 responded constituting a response rate of 79%. Data was analysed with the help of Statistical package for the social sciences version 25. The findings of the study were, Pentecostal Churches had adopted formalization, multiple functions for roles, decentralization of decision making, specialization of tasks and coordination of activities. The measures of growth included expansion in terms of new departments and opening of new branches, starting new ministries, increased congregants, increased staff and increased tithes and offerings. The study concluded that Pentecostal churches embraced highly formalized procedures with specialized tasks and well-coordinated activities. The churches grew through expansion of new departments or branches, formation of new ministries, increase of congregants, increase in the employment of new staff and in tithe and offerings. Organizational structure stimulated the increase of church resources and capacity expansion to accommodate more congregants through highly formalized, complex, decentralized, moderate specialized and well-coordinated church activities. The study recommended that lines of authority should be defined clearly among staff through clear communication lines that promote teamwork and respect among different levels of authority. The churches should identify the competencies in skills, resources and capacities necessary for discipling their congregants.




Organizational Structure, Firm, Growth, Pentecostal Churches, Nairobi County, Kenya


Okendo, Fredrick Otieno (2018). Role of Organizational Structure in Firm Growth Among Pentecostal Churches in Nairobi County, Kenya. School of Business and Economics, Daystar University: Thesis