The Asthma Six-minute Provocation Test and Mountain Climbing in Children


We investigated the intensity of exercise in the asthma six-minute provocation test (ASMT) for asthmatic patients and mountain climbing. Six asthmatic boys with mean age 11.7 +/- 2.1 years and mean weight 44.5 +/- 13.2 kg participated in this study. HR, FEV1 and RR values were recorded. In both forms of exercise, the participants achieved intensities of over 160 beats/min. EIA was diagnosed in five of them after the SSMT. There was not much variability in the PEFR values observed during mountain climbing. The rise in systolic pressure was within normal. The echocardiogram (ECG) was not pathologic. Further investigations are required to establish the suitability of mountain climbing as an appropriate form of sport for asthmatics.



Asthma, Six Minute, Provocation, Test, Mountain, Climbing, Children


Wekesa, M., H. Langhof and P.Sack (1994): The Asthma Six-Minute Provocation Test (ASMT) and Mountain climbing in Asthmatic children. A comparison of intensities. E. Afri. Med. J. 71:49-52