Evaluation of Resource Needs and Service Delivery of Performance Contracting in Public Primary Teachers Training Colleges in Kenya


Performance contract as a branch of management science refers to a management control systems which is a contractual agreement to execute a service according to an agreed upon terms, within an established time period and with a stipulated use of resources and performance standards. The government of Kenya introduced performance contract signing in 2004. The aim was to improve service delivery and resource utilization in public institutions among other objectives. The introduction of performance contracting in public primary teachers training colleges was an effort to institute a framework of accountability and enhance service delivery in Kenya. This study sought to establish the availability of resources for implementing Performance contracting with an aim of improving service delivery to the public. It employed descriptive survey design. The target population was 2270 employees and 783 members of the students’ councils of Public Primary Teachers Training Colleges. Purposive sampling, simple random sampling and stratified random sampling were used to identify the sample population. A total of 429 respondents formed the sample size representing 30% of the study population. The study revealed several challenges in the implementation process which included lack of funds, lack of training and capacity building of employees regarding performance contracting, ambiguity in the process and resistance by personnel to participate in the process hence these challenges had hindered the successful implementation of Performance contracts in PPTTCs. It is recommended that performance contracting strategy should be strengthened with the availing of more financial resources to ensure that the required learning and teaching resources are all made available.


Journal Article


Ranking, Resources, Targets, Tutors, Service Delivery, Training


Cherui, R & Maru, E (2016) Evaluation of the Level of Awareness and Support offered by relevant Stakeholders for Appropriate Placement of Children with Special Needs in Kenya. A case of Uasin Gishu County in International Journal of Social Science and Humanities Research Vol 4(3)614-623 ISSN23483164. https://www.researchpublish.com/papers/evaluation-of-the-level-of-awareness-and-support-offered-by-relevant-stakeholders-for-appropriate-placement-of-children-with-special-needs-in-kenya-a-case-of-uasin-gishu-county