An Examination of Programmes offered To Juvenile Offenders: A Case of Selected Programmes at Kabete Rehabilitation School, Nairobi

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School of Human and Social Sciences, Daystar University.


There are several rehabilitation programmes put in place to curb juvenile delinquency in Kenya. However, incidences of juvenile delinquency and reoffending are still on the rise. This study sought to examine the effectiveness of the existing programmes. The objectives of the study were to establish the education programmes offered to juveniles at Kabete Rehabilitation School, the vocational trade programmes offered to juveniles and their effectiveness in fighting Juvenile delinquencies. The research adopted a case study design. The population included juveniles and juvenile professionals in Kenya while the target population was drawn from Kabete Rehabilitation School. The study used purposive sampling to select the site, stratified random sampling to select the key informants and census as the population was small. The sample size of the population was 8 members of staff and 58 juveniles. Data was collected through questionnaires, focus group discussions and observation. The study established that there existed various education and vocational trade programmes at the school. However, the Individualised Treatment Plan (ITP) paid no attention to personal preferences of the pupils. The education programmes comprised of Kiswahili, Mathematics, English, CRE, Social studies, Science and Life Skills. However, the library did not stock enough and relevant books and hence pupils had to share. On the other hand, the vocational trade programmes included: Masonry, Carpentry, Bakery, Tailoring, Wiring and Mechanics that also lacked sufficient current materials. The study found that there was more focus on class 7 and 8 pupils leaving the others unattended to, with less access to text books and well lit classes, hence filling the gap by turning to unwanted behaviours. Based on the findings of the study, the researcher recommended that education and vocational trade programmes be reviewed.




Juvenile Offenders, rehabilitation programmes, juvenile delinquency, education programmes,vocational trade programmes.


Semu, P. E. (2018) An Examination of Programmes offered to Juvenile offenders: A Case of Selected Programmes at Kabete Rehabilitation School, Nairobi. School of Human and Social Sciences, Daystar University: Thesis