Causes of Attrition on Organization Performance in The Telecommunication Industry in Kenya A Case of Airtel Kenya Limited

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Daystar University, School of Business and Economics


This study sought to determine attrition causes and their effects on organizational performance in the Kenyan telecommunication industry, with a specific focus on Airtel Kenya Limited. The objectives of the study were to establish measures of organizational performance, determine the effects of attrition on organizational performance, and determine the moderating role of government policies and competition on organizational performance. The study was guided by the reward theory of attraction, survival-based theory, human capital theory, and system theory. A descriptive research design was used, and the study population was the 476 employees of Airtel Kenya Limited. The target population comprised 245 employees drawn from five departments, namely logistics and procurement, information and communication technology, administration and human resources, marketing and customer service, and finance and accounts. The study had a sample size of 76 (employees of Airtel Kenya Limited) identified through purposive sampling. For data collection, a questionnaire was used, and the data was processed and analyzed using the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS), version 23. Means, standard deviation, and variance on the dependent and independent constructs were used to show how clustered or dispersed the constructs were. According to the findings, the causes of attrition in the Kenyan telecommunication industry include salaries and wages, competition for the workforce, job security, training and development programs, and government policies. The study concluded that employee reward management is vital for organizational performance and recommended a positive relationship between employee development and organizational performance.


Master of Business Administration in Human Resource Management


Attrition, Organization, Performance, Telecommunication, Kenya, Airtel


Mwangi, J. W. (2021,June). Causes of Attrition on Organization Performance in The Telecommunication Industry in Kenya A Case of Airtel Kenya Limited. Daystar University, School of Business and Economics; Nairobi.