Exploring the Feasibility of Restorative Justice in Resolving Inter-Ethnic Conflicts In Baragoi Sub-County, 2010-2020

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Daystar University, School of Arts and Humanities


Violent conflicts contribute to the deaths of millions of individuals in the world annually. In Kenya, the pastoralist communities in the country report several incidences of violence mainly caused by inadequate resources. Notably, Baragoi Sub-County is affected by frequent inter-ethnic conflicts, which impact the region's development and security. The study sought to determine whether restorative justice as a conflict resolution mechanism can help to resolve the inter-ethnic conflicts in Baragoi Sub-County. Three specific objectives guided the study; to analyze the causes of conflict in Baragoi Sub-County, examine the past interventions used to solve the conflict in the area, and explore the feasibility of restorative justice in resolving inter-ethnic conflicts in this region. Data was collected qualitatively utilizing data collection instruments such as guides for Focus Group Discussions (FGDs), interview guides, and observation checklists with a sample of 79 individuals obtained through a combination of non-probability sampling and stratified sampling techniques. The study's findings revealed that conflict in the area is caused by a combination of factors such as scarce resources, cultural factors, and the infiltration of illegal arms. However, the past interventions, which were top-bottom in nature, had not effectively resolved the conflict. Therefore, while restorative justice may work in Baragoi Sub-County, it would be difficult to fully implement the tenets of restorative justice due to the bitterness harbored by the two communities. Hence, the study recommends contextualizing the pillars of restorative justice to foster healing and restoration instead of labeling the communities as either victims or offenders.


MASTER OF ARTS In Diplomacy, Development, and International Security


Restorative Justice, Inter-Ethnic Conflicts, Baragoi Sub-County


Ronoh, L. C. (2021). Exploring the Feasibility of Restorative Justice in Resolving Inter-Ethnic Conflicts In Baragoi Sub-County, 2010-2020. Daystar University, School of Arts and Humanities, Nairobi.