Exploring the Role of Social Media in Advertising: A Case Study of Daystar University Students.

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Daystar University, School of Business and Economics


The purpose of the study was to explore the role of social media in advertising. The study utilized descriptive research design. The target population included both undergraduate and post-graduate students at the Nairobi campus of the university, totaling to 2,469 students. A sample size of 96 respondents stratified by gender and level of study was used. Data was collected using questionnaires. Chi-square technique was used to test for statistical significance. The findings were summarized and presented in frequency tables and figures. It was established that social media advertising played a positive role in product awareness, fueled by both the utilitarian and hedonic motives of users. Social media advertising also enhanced customer loyalty through creation of buzz, product recommendations and purchase. Social media advertising outcomes were subject to socio-demographic factors such as gender and age. Other intervening factors such as the devise used to access SNS also played a role, with mobile phones facilitating faster access and exposure. It was recommended that advertisers should ensure that they create utilitarian and hedonic value to customers when designing their social media advertisement. Interactivity should also be a built-in feature of the company’s social media site. Companies should also develop a system that recognizes and rewards loyal fans. Advertising audiences should be segmented by gender and age to enhance relevance. Researchers could carry out a study of alternative ways of getting consumer attention to achieve positive advertising results without the present practice of using annoying pop-up advertisement.


Master of Business Administration In Marketing


Role of Social Media in Advertising, Daystar University Students


Irungu, S.(2013). Exploring the Role of Social Media in Advertising: A Case Study of Daystar University Students. Daystar University, School of Business and Economics. Nairobi.