Effectiveness of the Value Chain in Selected Collective Investment Schemes to Investors in Kenya

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Daystar University School of Business and Economics


The topic of the study was “Effectiveness of the value chain in selected collective investment schemes to investors in Kenya”. CIS are attributed to adding value to investors based on the structures under which they are formed which create a value chain, which an individual investor may not be in a position to have. The problem therefore was to look at the value chain in collective investment schemes and determine whether they were effective in meeting the needs of the investors. The purpose of the study was to find out whether the CIS’s value chain was effective in meeting investor’s needs and whether those who invested through CIS got value for their money. The objectives of the study were to determine how value was created to an individual investor through a collective investment scheme value chain, to find out the effectiveness of value addition in Collective Investment Schemes and to determine whether Kenyan CIS offered products affordable to its target market. The researcher used a descriptive research design for the study. Questionnaires were the primary data collecting tools, and the data collected was analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) software and the results presented in tables and charts. The study recommends that investors need to familiarize themselves with how the other funds are performing so as they may make informed decisions, Investors also need to understand the costs of investing as these are the key areas where their investments can be easily diluted as has been seen in previous studies. An industry formula for calculating the costs of investing in a unit trusts should be derived such as the Total Expense Ratio (TER) used in South Africa.


Master Of Business Administration In Finance & Strategic Management


Value Chain, Collective Investment Schemes to Investors Kenya


Mwangi. K. O. (2012). Effectiveness of the Value Chain in Selected Collective Investment Schemes to Investors in Kenya. Daystar University School of Business and Economics