Effects Of Government Financial Empowerment Scheme On Socio-Economic Wellbeing Of Women In Kenya: A Case Of Women Enterprise Fund In Nairobi County.

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School Applied Human Science, Daystar University


ABSTRACT Women possess significant potential to contribute to the nation's development, yet they face numerous challenges, including limited control over land, access to credit for business endeavors, and unequal opportunities in education, employment, and healthcare. Internationally, various projects and initiatives aim to address these challenges and work towards meeting sustainable development goals. In Kenya, Vision 2030 serves as a guiding framework for national development, and the government has introduced several affirmative action funds to provide support, particularly to women and youth. This study sought to analyze the impact of government financial empowerment schemes on the socio-economic well-being of women in Kenya, with a specific focus on the Women Enterprise Fund (WEF) in Nairobi County. The study's objectives were to assess women's perceptions of WEF and its products and services, establish the level of uptake of the WEF scheme, and determine the influence of the WEF scheme on the socio-economic lives of women in Kenya. The research design employed in this study was descriptive, targeting women aged 18 and above in Nairobi County, organized and registered as Self-Help Groups/Support groups or as individuals or companies owned by women. Respondents were also drawn from the Constituency Women Enterprise Fund Committees (CWECs). Out of 143 questionnaires distributed, 129 were returned, resulting in a response rate of 90%. The study concludes that WEF has a direct and positive impact on women, enabling them to initiate or expand their businesses and consequently increase their income through profitable business activities. To further enhance the effectiveness of the fund and promote greater women's participation, it is recommended to establish more cohesive partnerships between the Women Enterprise Fund, women representatives, County government first lady offices, and other women-oriented organizations. Increasing the number of field officers can improve turnaround time and enhance the accessibility of WEF's products and services to potential women beneficiaries in remote areas of the constituencies in Nairobi. While WEF demonstrates a positive impact on women and their socio-economic well-being, there is also significant potential for growth in terms of tailoring products and services specifically for women, including youth. This would further contribute to empowering women and enhancing their socio-economic status.


Masters Thesis


Financial Empowerment, Socio-Economic, Women Enterprise, Fund, Government, Nairobi County, Kenya


Chepkwony, E. C,. (2023, Thesis). Effects Of Government Financial Empowerment Scheme On Socio-Economic Wellbeing Of Women In Kenya: A Case Of Women Enterprise Fund In Nairobi County. School Applied Human Science, Daystar University