Effects of Fraud Management Strategies on Market Penetration in the Insurance Industry in Kenya: A Case of Jubilee Insurance Company

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Daystar University, School of Applied Human Sciences


In Kenya, there is an increase in the number of orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) who need care and protection due to changing demographics, economic conditions, family structures, and social pressures. Most of these children end up in the streets and institutions, while a few are taken in by foster families. This study explored the uptake of foster care services in Nairobi County to establish how public awareness, public perception of institutionalized children, and foster parents’ experience with foster care influence uptake of foster care services. The study was guided by attachment and ecosystem perspective theories and adopted an exploratory research design. The target population comprised 250 foster parents, while the study population was 37 foster parents (respondents) and four children officers. Thirty-seven interview schedules with foster parents were done. A purposive sample approach was used to select children officers and census sampling was used for foster parents. A questionnaire and an interview guide were used to collect data (quantitative and qualitative). Quantitative data was analyzed using descriptive statistics, while qualitative data was analyzed thematically. Although there was a low level of public awareness of foster care services, respondents were not in support of the institutionalization of OVC. Foster parents pointed out knowledge gaps in their understanding of foster care and a lack of information on the foster care program. The study concluded that lack of knowledge and understanding of the foster care system among the public has led to the low uptake of the service, there is a positive perception towards foster care for OVC, and foster parents are not clear on what is expected of them. The study recommends the need for public awareness of foster care services and their components as an alternative to the institutionalization of children, and continuous training for foster care parents.


Master of Arts in Community Development


Foster Care Services, Kenya, Nairobi County


Sanganyi, M. K. (2022). Daystar University, School of Applied Human Sciences. Daystar University, School of Applied Human Sciences; Thesis