A Survey of Strategic Management Process in Selected Deliverance Churches in Nairobi

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Daystar University, School of Business and Economics


In today’s business world, non-governmental organizations like churches need to embrace strategic management just like other businesses. The purpose of the study was to examine ways through which strategic management could be enhanced to ensure effective and efficient operations of the Deliverance Church. Its objectives were to find out the extent to which the church practiced strategic management in the accomplishment of the goals, to find out the challenges that the church experienced in the process of development and implementation of strategies, to examine how the church integrated strategic management in its operations, and to recommend ways and methods of ensuring effective strategy formulation and implementation in the church. The study used descriptive research design and targeted 14 Deliverance Church branches to obtain the required information. Purposive sampling design was used to select a sample of 42 respondents who included senior pastors, assistant pastors and church administrators. Data was collected using questionnaires interviews. Data was analysed using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS), version 21 and presented using frequency tables, pie charts and bar graphs. The results revealed that the church had integrated strategic management in its operations but there were still areas of strategic management which needed to be addressed to improve on performance. The study concluded that Deliverance Church had adopted strategic management process but still needed to address some factors. It recommended that local churches should have formal strategic plans for future references, educate and communicate both vision and the mission statement to the pastors and the members and have a strategic planning committee for planning and reviewing strategies in use from time to time to ensure that they are effective.


Master of Business Administration In Strategic Management


Strategic Management Process, Deliverance Churches, Nairobi


Nyamai, C. N. (2011). A Survey of Strategic Management Process in Selected Deliverance Churches in Nairobi: Daystar University, School of Business and Economics