An Examination of the Factors Affecting Prevention of Drug Abuse Among AdolescentsiIn Pcea Ng'echa Presbytery Boys’ and Girls’ Brigade in Kiambu County

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School Human and Social Sciences, Daystar University


Drug abuse among adolescents has been a global phenomenon for the past few years. Adolescents in Kenya have not been spared by the menace either; they too have continued to use addictive substances despite their devastating consequences. This study aimed at examining factors that affect prevention of drug abuse among adolescents in Presbyterian Church of East Africa Ngecha Presbytery Boys and Girls Brigade in Kiambu County. Its objectives were to identify the level of awareness of etiology of drug abuse, establish the major components for successful prevention programs for drug abuse and to find out strategies being used for prevention of drug abuse. The primary socialization theory was used to explain how adolescents are influenced by their primary agents into drug abuse. The social learning theory was also used to show the interaction between the environment and the people in the initiation of drug abuse among adolescents. The study employed a descriptive research design with a sample size of 82 respondents. Data was collected using questionnaires and interviews and analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Sciences version 23 and content analysis respectively. The findings indicated that adolescents were aware of majority of the causes for drug abuse that the program had the right components and the strategies being used were found relevant in drug abuse prevention. However, majority of the officers lacked professional training and guidance to handle drug abuse from the PCEA National office that coordinates drug abuse prevention. The study concluded that there were a myriad of reasons associated with drug abuse among adolescents and therefore to curb drug abuse among adolescents, measures geared to addressing the reasons should be put in place and targeted at the most vulnerable individuals. This study recommended that the Brigade officers be empowered with professional training in drug abuse prevention. The PCEA National office for drug abuse might also consider cascading their services to the congregational.




Drug Abuse, Adolescents in PCEA Ngecha, Presbytery Boys’ And Girls’ Brigade, Kiambu County


Ng’ethe, Mary N.(2018) An Examination of the Factors Affecting Prevention of Drug Abuse Among Adolescents in Pcea Ng'echa Presbytery Boys’ and Girls’ Brigade in Kiambu County. School Human and Social Sciences, Daystar University: Thesis