A study of the effects of contractless mobile financial transactions on users in Nairobi, Kenya: A case study of Daystar University, Nairobi Campus

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Daystar University


The research examined the impact of contract less mobile financial transaction on Daystar University staff and students in Nairobi campus. The data sought to address the use, benefits, challenges, and impact of contract less mobile financial transactions in Nairobi, Kenya focusing on Daystar University, Nairobi Campus. The study used descriptive research desin and utilizing quantitative and quantitative data as its primary sources including information from secondary sources. The population of 1,894 students and 70 staff was randomly selected using stratified random sampling method. The data was analyzed using statistical package for social science and data presented in tables, frequencies, and graphs. The study established that there was significant use of contractless mobile financial transactions among students and staff of Daystar University, Nairobi campus who experienced invaluable benefits from the transactions notwithstanding the challenges they faced. Time constraint for financial transactions using traditional modes of business has provided a platform for contractless mobile financial transactions which provides faster cash transfer, facilitate trade and saves transaction time. Thus, its adaptation in daily transaction would result in development of new technological environment and endless business opportunities in Kenya.



Mobile Money; Contractless; Financial Transactions;