Implications of Secession on Regional Stability and Nation-Building of Seceded States: The Case Study of South Sudan

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Daystar University, School of Arts and Humanities


The purpose of this study was to investigate the implications of secession on regional stability and nation-building of seceded states, with reference to South Sudan. South Sudan gained her independence in 2011 after decades of protracted conflicts but plunged into yet another civil conflict that derailed all the quests for prosperity and development. The objectives for this study were to examine the role played by regional states in the secession process of South Sudan, evaluate the effects of secession of South Sudan on regional stability, and to analyze the social, economic, and political challenges of nation-building in South Sudan. The study used a combination of quantitative and qualitative research tools for collection of data. Primary data was extracted through interviews. Secondary data was obtained from review and analysis of journals, books, papers, peace agreements and other available literature on the implications of secession, regional stability, and conflict resolution. The study found out that the secession of South Sudan had multiple effects on the regional states, resulting to a web of insecurities in the East African region, threatening stability of the region as whole. Further, the independence of South Sudan did not ultimately resolve the political, economic, and social grievances that the southerners had against the successive Khartoum regimes. Nation-building in the new independent state is marred by several challenges. The study recommends that, although secession terminates continued series of conflicts, it should only be considered if both parties to the secession have the capabilities to ensure the delivery of statehood responsibilities to their citizens and neighboring communities. future studies need to explore the relationship between religion and ethnicity, and their implications on security in post-secession states, in the case of South Sudan.


MASTER OF ARTS in Diplomacy, Development, and International Security


Secession, Regional Stability, Nation-Building, Seceded States, South Sudan


Wang, M. (2021). Implications of Secession on Regional Stability and Nation-Building of Seceded States: The Case Study of South Sudan. Daystar University, School of Arts and Humanities, Nairobi.