Effect of Credit Card Challenges on The Performance of Barclaycard Kenya

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Daystar University School of Business and Economics


The purpose of this study was to establish effect of the credit card challenges on the performance of Barclaycard Kenya. The study revolved around dynamic changes in technology,competition, customer service and credit card charges.The objectives of this study were:to ascertain the reliability of the technological innovations of Barclaycard Kenya,to establish the influence of competition on the performance of the Barclaycard Kenya brand,to ascertain the extent to which quality customer service influences the performance of Barclaycard Kenya and to evaluate the credit card charges and verify whether they are justified.This study used descriptive research design,quota and purposive sampling method.The information for this study was gathered through questionnaires which were administered to the employees and customers.The researcher employed descriptive methods of data analysis.These methods were used to show the distribution of responses in terms of frequency and percentage. The study found out that the quality of customer service offered by Barclaycard Kenya is not satisfactory, technological services by Barclaycard Kenya are also not reliable and there has been a decrease in the profitability of Barclaycard Kenya as a result of competition. Also, the charges that are levied on the credit cards are not justified.It was suggested in this study that Barclaycard Kenya should be more innovative and proactive in its offerings to gain the competitive edge; Barclaycard also needs to train staff so that they are able to serve customers more efficiently. Lastly, the bank should have a special center to attend to the credit cardholder's complaints and it should revise some of its charges and if possible do away with the annual fee subscription charges for it to be able to attract and retain more customers.


Master of Business Administration In Finance and Strategic Management


Credit Card Challenges, Performance of Barclaycard Kenya


Gumba. G. D. (2013). Effect of Credit Card Challenges on The Performance of Barclaycard Kenya. Daystar University School of Business and Economics.