Assessment of factors affecting the regional economic Performance in the east african community

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School of Arts and Social Sciences, Daystar University


ABSTRACT This study researched the factors affecting the East African Community’s (EAC) regional economic performance and its implications for sustainable development with Kenya as the case study. EAC member countries aim to enhance economic integration and collaboration amongst them. Despite improvements in regional infrastructure and trade, several obstacles still need to be overcome, including a lack of political will, corrupt practices, weak interstate networks, and trade barriers. The study’s objectives included evaluating the factors and mechanisms contributing to regional economic performance in EAC, with a specific focus on Kenya's role, examining the relationship between governance in Kenya and regional economic performance within the EAC, and analyzing the efficacy of the EAC's cross-border trade mechanisms and processes on economic integration. The study uses the institutional theory, a widely utilized framework to understand how formal and informal institutions influence organizations and people’s societal behavior, challenges, and impacts on regional economic performance in the EAC. The research used a mixed-methods strategy that combines qualitative and quantitative techniques through document analysis, surveys, interviews, and case studies. The findings were evaluated using statistical approaches, content analysis, and thematic analysis to thoroughly understand the variables influencing EAC's regional economic performance, especially in Kenya. The results will guide evidence-based policy decisions and actions for practitioners, academics, and policymakers working in the East African region to contribute to economic growth, trade facilitation, and improved governance, boosting regional prosperity and integration. The study recommends additional research in each East African Community member country, taking into account contextual variances and employing a mix of qualitative and quantitative methodologies to improve knowledge and applicability of important economic performance determinants.


Masters University



Habonimana, E., (2023, Thesis). Assessment of factors affecting the regional economic Performance in the east african community. School of Arts and Social Sciences, Daystar University