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    Daystar University Policy & Standards For Records And Archives Management
    (Daystar University, 2017-12-01) Kisia, Oliver; Gitachu, Rosemary
    Our records and archives speak volumes of Daystar’s rich history in its extra ordinary journey of faith and steadfast adherence to a mission and vision. Our quest for academic excellence, dynamic approach to teaching and research grounded on a firm Christian foundation traces its roots back to 1964. Daystar University has since grown considerably and continues to expand both in physical facilities and in student population, its vision to develop servant leaders to serve their communities and nations remains the same. Daystar University recognizes that proper management of records is vital in the realization of its Mandate, Vision and Mission. We therefore endeavor to develop sound record management systems, procedures and practices that meet international standards to document our activities. The university understands that properly managed records are an asset, and a reference for sound governance and management, and those records contribute not only to efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery; but also constitute vital management tools for decision-making, policy formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. The preservation of these records offers Daystar University an opportunity for posterity through keeping and sharing its rich memory and heritage for present and future generations. This policy sets out our commitment to achieving high standards in records management. The policy will be supported through the delivery of standards, guidance and procedures, which are documented within the mandate of the University. By adopting this policy we aim to ensure that the record, whatever form it takes, is accurate, reliable, ordered, complete, useful, up to date and accessible whenever it is needed to: help us carry out our business and help us to make informed decisions.
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    Daystar University Library Policy
    (Daystar University, 2016) Agape Library