An Assessment Of The Communication Strategy Used By Kenya Basketball Federation To Promote The 2015 Premier League

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Daystar University, School of Communication


This study set out to assess the communication strategy used by the Kenya Basketball Federation (KBF) in the premier league. The objectives of the study were to find out KBF’s communication objectives and key messages, the communication needs of KBF’s publics as well as the relevance of the communication channels used by KBF. The systems theory was used as the theoretical framework for this thesis as it highlights the essence of “togetherness: indicating that every component of communication must feed into each other. Descriptive survey design was used whereby a sample size of 91 respondents was selected. Qualitative and quantitative data was collected using questionnaires distributed to KBF officials and their publics (players and team managers). Interviews were also conducted amongst KBF officials. The study found out that whilst KBF was clear on their communication objectives, there still exist a gap between the messages they send to their publics and the information needs of their publics. The majority of the respondents (87%- TMs and players) felt that KBF was not effective in their communication and needed to improve, citing lack of communication and delayed communication as the major reasons. Similarly, 53% of the respondents cited social media as their preferred channel in comparison to email which was mostly used by KBF, calling on KBF to expand their communication channels. A new approach should therefore be explored to enable KBF deliver on their communication objectives, whilst meeting the needs of their publics. The study therefore recommends that KBF recruits a public relations officer to not only help review their communication strategy but also ensure effective implementation.


Master of Arts in Communication


Communication Strategy, Kenya Basketball Federation, 2015 Premier League


Mboo, L., (2016). An Assessment Of The Communication Strategy Used By Kenya Basketball Federation To Promote The 2015 Premier League, Daystar University, School of Communication, Kenya.