A Study on Social Media Effects on Employee Productivity: A Case of Equity Bank, Kigali Branch, Rwanda


The study was guided by three objectives: to investigate the types of social media networks commonly used by Equity Bank, Kigali branch employees during working hours, to determine how often social media networks are used in Equity Bank, Kigali branch during working hours and to investigate the impact of social media on employees’ productivity at Equity Bank, Kigali branch. The study utilized a descriptive research design as its methodology. This design allowed for an in-depth understanding of the relationship between social media usage and employee productivity. The study participants consisted of 116 employees from various departments within Equity Bank Kigali. The study comprised a sample size of 90 staff members, chosen through random sampling methodology. The study findings found that Equity Bank has actively used social media to reach customers, promote and market its products amongst other reasons. Moreover, employees were interrupting work to access social media. Employees accessed social media multiple times a day through their smart phones, and other personal devices for duration of between one and two hours, thereby interrupting official work. Employee productivity could not be co-related to their use of social media during working hours. Other factors such as stress and burnout, unresolved issues among team members among other factors were responsible for decreased employee productivity. The study concluded that social media has a very weak impact on employee productivity; therefore, it is necessary for employers establish clear social media usage policies and guidelines to minimize distractions and enhance employee productivity.


MASTER OF ARTS in Communication


Social Media Effects, Employee Productivity, Equity Bank, Kigali Branch, Rwanda


Mudamba, E. M., (2023). A Study on Social Media Effects on Employee Productivity: A Case of Equity Bank, Kigali Branch, Rwanda.Daystar University, School of Communication