Interpersonal Health Communication and Narrative Accounts of Covid-19 Vaccinated Individuals in Nairobi County

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Daystar University School of Communication


This study sought to explore the use and influence of interpersonal health communication and narrative accounts of COVID-19 vaccinated individuals in Nairobi County, Kenya. The study was guided by the following objectives: To investigate the influence of interpersonal communication in the decisions for the uptake of COVID-19 vaccination among vaccinated individuals in Nairobi County. To find out the experiences of the vaccinated individuals after getting COVID-19 vaccination and to explore the interpersonal communication approaches used by COVID-19 vaccinated individuals to encourage the uptake of the vaccination. Snowball sampling was used and data-saturated at the 20th participant, and so these participants were used in the qualitative study where interviews were conducted and data collected. The researcher employed an exploratory research design because of the scanty knowledge of the experiences of the fully vaccinated individuals for COVID-19 in Kenya. The study population for this research was individuals living in Nairobi west who are 18 years and above and fully vaccinated for COVID-19, and an interview guide formulated by the researcher was used as a research instrument for this study. After the data collection, a software known as NVIVO was used for data analysis and the study found that interpersonal communication played a major role in encouraging the vaccinated individuals to go for the COVID-19 vaccine, and at the same time, these individuals employ interpersonal communication to try to persuade others to go for this vaccine. The study’s recommendations include interpersonal communication skills training for health workers and more research on the interpersonal health communication and narrative accounts of individuals living in different other counties in Kenya for more findings to help with the scaling up of vaccinations if need be, even if it is for a different kind of pandemic and the literature of COVID-19 vaccines in Kenya.


MASTER OF ARTS in Communication


Interpersonal Health Communication, Narrative Accounts, Covid-19, Vaccinated Individuals, Nairobi County


Moraa.S.B(2022).Interpersonal Health Communication and Narrative Accounts of Covid-19 Vaccinated Individuals in Nairobi County:Daystar University School of Communication(Thesis)