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Months of Listening by Prof. Laban Peter Ayiro Daystar University Vice-Chancellor during the 41st Graduation of Daystar University on 29th of June 201i


In the realm of research, perhaps more than most others, we might rightfully apply the truism – that we must run as fast as we can just to stay in place, and if we wish to go anywhere, we must run twice as fast as that. Continued and expanded excellence requires that we build on existing strategic research initiatives and centers by identifying and fostering new areas of exceptional Daystar research strength, and by addressing the new research questions that excite, challenge and trouble our societies. Seeking new sources of sustainable funding, at greater scale, is an imperative. It will also require that we continue to enhance administrative support for research funding applications. Apart from being excellent, Daystar must be more nimble in responding to emerging opportunities for collaborative research both in the Kenya and abroad. So, I have proposed the creation of a modest seed fund to support promising early-stage research clusters. This will allow us to be more effective as we seek to gather some of our finest minds to address issues of global importance, such as how to move rapidly towards contribution to the SDG’s.


Graduation Speech


Research, Financial support, Staff appreciation, Global university


Months of Listening