The End Game of Humans through “Grin” Technologies: University Educators’ Role

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Daystar University, School of Arts and Humanities


The rapid pace of emerging technologies is playing an increasingly important role in overcoming fundamental human limitations. While the new dispensation of Fourth Industrial Technology (4IR) introduced a realization of a successful and sustainable digital economy, it has not yet achieved a smart society of strengthening techno-ethical inquiry of technology advances in areas unseen by creators while the users change the intended use of the new technology. Technological Singularity Theory was used in this article to discuss the theoretical framework. On one hand, the end goal is to have the earth produce beings that will be immortal and be able to understand mysteries. On the other hand, the problem of immortality with self-awareness and ego will likely disrupt the business as well as the society. The main purpose of this paper is to examine the end game of humans through ‘GRIN’ technologies and the role of Educators in universities. A systematic selection of science fiction movies were selected based on secondary data collected through documentary white papers from World Economic Forum and recent European novels that formed the findings of the paper. The findings showed that ‘GRIN’ technologies was being propelled by the universities as the ‘think tanks’ and may usher in unprecedented social and political upheaval that could affect all corners of the globe. In addition, professors/lecturers could borrow ‘management by objectives’ strategy to engage students on the need for techno-ethics. In conclusion, the government and academicians’ interest in ‘GRIN’ technologies incorporated into the human body will merely provide a reimagining of what it means to be human. The paper recommended university stakeholders especially Daystar University which is a Christian university in Africa to spur guidelines for public policy towards morphological human enhancement and create awareness of this emerging technology



GRIN Technologies, World Economic Forum, Techno-ethics, Transhumanism, Human Enhancement


Kagwaini, D. M. (2020). The end game of humans through "grin" technologies: university educators' role. Interdisciplinary Lecture Series Season One - Daystar University ForumAt: Athi -River, Kenya Affiliation: Daystar University.'_ROLE