Influence of Internal Corporate Communication on Customer Satisfaction A Case of Greenlight Planet Kenya

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Daystar University, School of Communication


This study sought to assess whether the internal corporate communication practices in an organization impact customer satisfaction. The objectives were to identify the active forms and channels of internal corporate communication at Greenlight Planet Kenya, identify the effectiveness of internal corporate communication practices, determine the influence of internal corporate communication on customer satisfaction levels, and assess the intervening influence of customer centricity on the relationship between internal corporate communication and customer satisfaction at Greenlight Planet Kenya. The social exchange theory fronted by Poole (1994) anchored the study. The study utilized two pools of samples where a sample of 110 respondents comprising employees of Greenlight Planet Kenya was selected through stratified random sampling and simple random sampling. Further, convenience sampling was utilized to select a pool of 120 external customers from Greenlight Planet Kenya, an organization in Kenya's Solar Energy sector. Descriptive research design was employed with online questionnaires and in-depth phone interviews used as the key data collection tools. The data analysis was done using the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS), version 21. The study findings showed that internal corporate communication was positively and significantly correlated with customer satisfaction with r=.537. The regression model summary indicated that internal corporate communication, acting on its own, depicted only 28.9% of customer satisfaction, with a statistically significant R2=.289. The study, therefore, concluded that internal corporate communication significantly impacted customer satisfaction levels. The study recommends that organizations invest in and ensure that their internal corporate communication is effective and efficient to impact their customer satisfaction levels. Further, customer-centricity needs to be adopted and embedded in all corporate cultures to ensure better results in customer satisfaction.


Master of Arts in Communication


Internal Corporate Communication, Customer Satisfaction, Greenlight Planet Kenya


Chepkemboi, L. (2021). Influence of Internal Corporate Communication on Customer Satisfaction A Case of Greenlight Planet Kenya. Daystar University, School of Communication, Nairobi.