Assessing the influence of prank shows on urban youth's Good Samaritanism

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Daystar University


This study investigated the influence of prank shows on urban youth’s compassionate nature towards strangers in public places, with a special focus on students of Riara University. The study endeavored to explore the ways through which urban youth access and watch prank shows in Nairobi County; examine the relationship between the frequency of watching prank shows and the willingness to help needy strangers in public places; understand the perceptions of light, medium, and heavy urban youth viewers on why Naswa and Kaa Rada prank shows might or might not have the capacity to influence viewers’ compassionate behaviour towards strangers; and explore the perspective of a local prank show producer about prank shows’ cultivation potential with regard to the Good Samaritanism behaviour of urban youth. Questionnaire, focus group, and interview were the data collection instruments in this study. Multistage sampling was used to select 162 students from different schools of Riara University who filled the self-administered questionnaire. The data collected through the questionnaire was analyzed using Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS). For the focus discussion, 12 respondents were randomly selected based on viewership and they were identified from light, medium, and heavy viewership categories. From each of these categories, two males and two females were selected. One prank show producer was interviewed to give a practitioner’s perspective to the findings. Research findings indicated that female respondents were less compassionate to strangers compared to their male respondents, respondents generally did not identify anti-compassionate acts in prank shows, and that prank shows had the capacity to both promote as well as discourage compassion towards strangers. The study therefore recommended that a deliberate message to the audience be included in every prank show to ease negative effects likely to arise out of watching the pranks.



Prank shows, Urban Youths, Youth's Good Samaritanism


Oyuga Isaac Otieno (2018)Assessing the influence of prank shows on urban youth's Good Samaritanism: Daystar University School of Communication: Thesis