Optimal integrated solution on the rural digital: Adaptation from South Korea.

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Kenya School of Monetary Studies


Rural Kenya has challenging environment for implementation of communication infrastructure, for data and Internet services, the situation drives network operators to establish network infrastructures in urban areas leaving rural areas as underserve. This paper seeks to identify and recommend an optimal integrated technical solution that utilizes television white space and fiber optic technology, to address the rural digital divide with respect to broadband internet in Kenya. Specifically, for farmers in championing of the Food Security pillar in the Big Four Agenda. With an argument that television white space and optical networks can be integrated and deployed, with the government support to deliver an optimal cost effective solution to reach the digitally unreached and underserved rural populations. The motivation for the study is that despite the potential socioeconomic benefits and growth in demand for broadband internet, rural areas remain isolated digitally. The study, will appraise various flavors of fiber optic technology, features of television white space before going on to recommend a deployment architecture informed by the results of county situation analyses and lessons learnt from South Korea which is recognized for its quality and technology innovativeness. The contribution of this study is to encourage researchers and technologists to partner and drive higher education to the next level. Also, to ensure cost effectiveness, the government is encouraged to partner with any operators of technology to provide incentives such as tax rebates and zero rated services to make the big four agenda a reality.



Higher Education, Rural digital divide, Rural populations (farmers), Access to free network, TV White Space, Fibre optic


Kagwaini, D., & Kinuthia, F. (2018). Optimal integrated solution on the rural digital: Adaptation from South Korea. Presented at the 2nd Biennial Conference on the State of Higher Education in Kenya held on 30th October - 2nd November 2018, Kenya School of Monetary Studies Nairobi, Kenya.