Effect of Communication Strategies on Knowledge and Perception of cervical Cancer on Illiterate Women in Mbooni West Sub-County, Kenya

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School of communication, Daystar University


Cervical cancer is a disease that can be controlled if women are aware of the risk factors and preventive measures so as to adopt healthy behavior. Knowledge is paramount through proper communication strategies to educate about cervical cancer. Women however continue to die from cervical cancer and some experts rate it as one of the most prevalent cancers in women especially in the age group of 35-45. This study sought to investigate what communication strategies are utilized to communicate to illiterate women aged 35-45 in Mbooni West sub-county. It investigated verbal, non-verbal and visual communication strategies utilized in educating women about cervical cancer. The study employed qualitative descriptive research design to enable giving accurate portrayal of the phenomenon. Interviews and focus group discussions were utilized as the key data collection instruments. The study revealed that most illiterate women of Mbooni Sub-county felt enough has not been done to educate rural women about cervical cancer because many people have not been reached about cervical cancer, not all rural women go to hospital, and that rural women need more education on cancer. Women could prevent or minimize the possibility of acquiring cancer through regular check-ups, having one partner, and observing proper hygiene. Women got information on cervical cancer such as risk factors, preventive measures, and effects on health through various communications strategies including verbal, non-verbal, and visuals. It was discovered that radio was the main mode of communication as verbal strategy that educates women about cervical cancer and that majority of women had heard of cervical cancer but not well aware of the risk and preventive factors. The study recommended that wide spectrum of communication strategies be designed to reach women about cervical cancer.




Communication Strategies, Cervical Cancer, Women in Mbooni West Sub-County, Illiterate Women


Kigen, Florence N. (2019)Effect of Communication Strategies on Knowledge and Perception of cervical Cancer on Illiterate Women in Mbooni West Sub-County, Kenya.School of communication, Daystar University: Thesis