Networking as a Driver of Internationalization among Medium Sized Firms in Kenya

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United States International University - Africa


The purpose of the study is to examine the role of networking as the key driver of internationalization of medium firms. International trade has enormously contributed to Kenya’s economic growth. However, majority of Medium sized firms in Kenya remain focused on the domestic market despite the gains that internationalization is associated with. Medium Enterprises have enormously contributed to the global economic growth and development over the years. Networks have been underscored in internationalization literature across different contexts as a principal feature that facilitates the process of MEs internationalization. Network theory is the main theoretical framework that has guided the study. The study used cross sectional research design. Kenya Top 100 Medium companies formed the target population for the study. The empirical evidence has shown how networking drives the internationalization process of medium sized firms. The findings indicate that networking activities provides the necessary linkages which facilitate entry into geographically and psychically near markets. The study concludes that those medium firms that seek for internationalization should develop both formal and informal networks as enablers of accessing international markets.


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Internationalization, Medium Sized Firms, Networking


Irungu, D. N. & Marwa, M. (2014): Networking as a Driver of Internationalization among Medium Sized Firms in Kenya.: United States International University - Africa.