The Founders’ Syndromes, Challenges And Solutions

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Researchjournali’s Journal of Entrepreneurship


Founders are remarkably innovative and creative persons driven by desire to fill critical needs in the society. The needs are addressed through creating organisations that produce goods and services that meet customer needs while at the same time fulfil founders’ dream and mission of being successful. Determined to succeed, most founders shape their organisations around their personality and beliefs, making the organisations to be synonymous with their philosophies and practices. Many founders exercise paternalistic, autocratic and overzealous leadership, making it difficult for other stakeholders to get a grip of the organisations, a behavioural pattern termed as “the founders’ syndrome.” The main characteristics of the founders’ syndrome include being self-drive, achievement oriented, resistant to change, sole-decision making and retaining the status quos. Conflict arises from those interested in seeing the organisations transit from the founders to other successor. To deal with founders’ syndrome and ensure smooth operations and smooth leadership transition, this paper provides several recommendations mong them developing strong all-inclusive leadership; building employees’ capacity to attain desired competence; practicing professionalism; establishing workable structures and succession planning mechanisms. Lastly, the organisations must be guided by relevant strategies that aid in attaining strategic positioning and competitive edge.


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Founders’ syndrome, distance management, power, conflict, successional leadership


Muriithi S., and Wachira M. (2016): The Founders’ Syndromes, Challenges And Solutions. Researchjournali’s Journal of Entrepreneurship