The Role of Internal Branding In Improving Customer Service Delivery: A Case Study of Kenya Power

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Daystar University, School of Communication


The purpose of the study was to assess the role of internal branding on a company’s customer service delivery, with a specific focus on Kenya Power (KP). The objectives guiding the study were to establish the communication methods employed to educate employees about KP’s brand, evaluate the challenges encountered during internal branding at KP, and determine the relationship between internal branding and employees’ service delivery at KP. The study was guided by the corporate image and identity building theory. A mixed-methods approach was used, and a questionnaire and interview were utilized to collect data from KP employees. Data obtained through the questionnaire and interview was processed and analysed using the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) version 22.0. The qualitative data was subjected to descriptive statistics, while correlation analysis, using Pearson Chi-square was utilized in the quantitative data analysis. The study established that KP educates its employees about its brand through trainings (50.0%) and internal meetings (49.4%), with the mostly used communication channels being notice boards (89.4%) and memos (38.8%). The study also established that when employees share similar values and have more knowledge about the company’s brand, the chances of kindling their performance will be higher. The study concluded that internal communication influences employees’ brand attitudes and behavior, subsequently enhancing service delivery. Consequently, the study recommends KP’s adoption of internal branding as a change strategy towards enhancing the company’s customer service delivery. Another recommendation is the creation of adequate awareness covering all the expected and actual dimensions of internal branding majorly to curb the challenge of unawareness among KP employees.


Master of Arts in Communication


Internal Branding, Customer Service Delivery, Kenya Power


Mbau, M. W. (2020). The Role of Internal Branding In Improving Customer Service Delivery: A Case Study of Kenya Power. Daystar University, School of Communication: Nairobi