Influence of digital innovation systems on perceived agricultural productivity: a case of ishamba in kenya.

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Daystar University School of Communication


Digital technologies are transforming agricultural extension services by expanding accessibility to agricultural information ranging from plant variety selection to harvests, marketplaces, and weather forecasts. Agricultural extension services in Kenya's Nyeri county, in particular, have been lacking, prompting the growth of digital innovation systems such as iShamba to provide farmers with the agricultural information they require. iShamba, as a case study of an agricultural innovation system, functions as an agricultural extension service. Given this, the study proposes that digital innovation systems, through agricultural information dissemination and interactive capacities, have a significant impact on agricultural output. A telephone interview survey of 77 iShamba customers in Nyeri was undertaken. The sample size for this study was determined using non-probability convenience sampling, and data was input into Microsoft Excel and Google Spreadsheets. Thematic analysis was used to code and analyse the data collected. The findings of the study demonstrated how digital innovation platforms facilitate a participatory approach in agricultural extension services. Furthermore, the research showed that agricultural information from iShamba has benefited 94% of farmers and there was perceived productivity among 37% of farmers in Nyeri. The findings indicate how agricultural digital innovation platforms, specifically iShamba, have influenced Nyeri farming practices. However, 6% did not benefit, demonstrating how digital innovation must produce precise, comprehensive, innovative, and localised agricultural information to effectively replace traditional agricultural extension services, which are increasingly insufficient.  


MASTER OF ARTS in Communication


digital innovation systems, agricultural productivity, ishamba, kenya.


Muzhingi.A.S(2022).Influence of digital innovation systems on perceived agricultural productivity: a case of ishamba in kenya:Daystar University School of Communication(Thesis)