The Effect of Training and Development Strategy on Organizational Performance: A Case Study of Central Bank of South Sudan


Training and development strategy is not given high priority in organizations. In public institutions, problem related to facility, participants, administration, lack of seriousness on the parts of the trainees, trainers, lack of communication with the superiors on training and different expectations from training are major obstacles which can create negative progress about training. Amidst the shortcomings there are numerous benefits that can be accrued through training and development and employee productivity, employee satisfaction, organizational efficiency and effectiveness. The purpose of this study was to assess the effect of training and development strategies on Organizational performance in Central Bank of South Sudan, Juba. Objective of the Study were; to establish training and development strategies that have been adopted by Central Bank of South Sudan. The research was conducted at Central Bank of South Sudan which is situated in Juba. The data was obtained from employees of the bank from both the management and Staff from different departments. The descriptive research design was used in the study. The target population was 111 employees while the sample population was 41 employees. The findings showed that several training and development strategies have been adopted by the Central Bank of South Sudan. The study recommends that evaluation of the training methods should be done before the training is given so that the impact of the training on performance is measured.



Training, Development strategy, Performance, Central Bank of South Sudan


KoangYiek, G., Irungu, D., & Mwamba, D. (2017). The effect of training and development strategy on organizational Performance; a case study of Central Bank of South Sudan. Journal of Strategic Management, 1(1), 42 - 59.