An Evaluation of Digital Birth Registration Project: A Case of Count Every Child Project In Kwale County, Kenya

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Human and Social Sciences, Daystar University


The purpose of this study was to conduct an evaluation of digital birth registration project on a case of count every child project in Kwale County, Kenya. The study’s objectives were to determine the relevance of digital birth registration (DBR), analyze the effectiveness of digital birth registration in accounting for every child at birth, determine whether there was increase in birth registration and suggest strategies that could be used and enhance DBR. The study used the descriptive research design and the target population were mothers who had used DBR system in registering their children, maternal health facility staff such as midwives, Plan International (PI) project staff who were responsible for DBR implementation, consortium leaders at civil registration department. The researcher used snowball sampling technique to select a sample size of 79 respondents. Data was collected using questionnaires and guided interviews to key informants. Quantitative data was analyzed using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 20, while qualitative data was thematically analyzed. The findings indicated that DBR was relevant in digital birth registration as it responded to section 53 of the 2010 Kenya Constitution which states that every child has a right to a name and nationality from birth. The study further found that DBR was effective by ensuring that every child was registered immediately after birth while the mother was still in the maternity ward. DBR was also effective in removing all the barriers which were highlighted as the reason why most children did not have birth certificates. The study concluded that use of appropriate technology and continuous involvement of the Kenyan government were the pillars which made DBR a success. The study recommended that the Government of Kenya in conjunction with the telecommunications service providers should increase the network coverage to some remote areas and help to install more solar power in the health facilities.




Digital Birth Registration Project, Count Every Child Project, Kwale County


Matinha, Zvidzai (2018) An Evaluation of Digital Birth Registration Project: A Case of Count Every Child Project In Kwale County, Kenya. Human and Social Sciences, Daystar University: Thesis