An Assessment Of Kenya Power Customer Care Interactions With Customers On Twitter In 2023

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School of Communication, Daystar University


ABSTRACT The study sought to assess how the Kenya Power (KP) customer care department interacts with its customers on Twitter between April – June 2023. The objectives of the study were, to examine customer care interaction methods employed by KP Customer Care on Twitter, to analyze customer feedback on the KP Customer Care account on Twitter, and to find out the strategies used to address customer complaints by KP on Twitter. The study adopted an exploratory research design. The population for this study was Twitter interactions via KP Customer Care Twitter handles and KP clients on issues of high cost of electricity as well as slow response time to queries and complaints. In addition, the population also comprised selected KP employees in the communication and customer care departments. The study used qualitative data which was collected using a code sheet and key informant interviews (KIIs) which were carried out with KP heads of departments and customer care staff. The study findings show that using Twitter as the primary customer engagement platform, KP benefits from its real-time nature, effectiveness, metrics availability, and user-friendliness. Clear and timely communication on Twitter is crucial for addressing issues like power outages, billing discrepancies, and maintaining customer trust, aligning with best practices in social media customer service to enhance satisfaction and brand image. In addition strategies such as improving the feedback cycle, customer education, simplified communication, leveraging social media influencers, implementing social media tracking tools should be implemented to ensure customer complaints are addressed to the core. The study recommends that KP should continue using the responsibility frame to frame its messages to its customers,prioritize Twitter for customer engagement, aim to reduce response times, educate customers, ensure billing transparency, invest in infrastructure, develop crisis communication plans, utilize social media tracking, maintain a customer-friendly communication style, and enhance feedback communication among departments for continuous improvement.


Masters Thesis


Kenya Power, Customer Care Interactions, Customer Care Interactions, Customer Care Interactions


Matayen, R. N., (2023, Thesis). An Assessment Of Kenya Power Customer Care Interactions With Customers On Twitter In 2023. School of Communication, Daystar University