Effects of Leadership Traits on Firm Performance

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The International Journal Of Business & Management


The purpose of the study was to establish the effect of leadership traits on firm performance in Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) and a corresponding hypothesis was formulated and tested. The study targeted a sample of 98 employees at KWS Headquarters in Nairobi, and 79 of them responded. The study employed a descriptive research design and data was collected using structured questionnaires and analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics by the help of SPSS version 21. The findings of the research established that leadership traits positively and significantly affects firm performance in Kenya Wildlife Service. The study was anchored on the Contingency theory, Organization system theory and Leadership traits theory. The study recommends further investigation of the study variables in other State Corporations locally and abroad.



Leadership traits, Firm performance, Kenya Wildlife Services


Nyenze, T., & Kyongo, J.K. (2017). Effects of leadership traits on firm performance. The International Journal of Business & Management, 5(7), 223-227