An Evaluation of Employees‟ Perception of Crisis Communication Preparedness in Parastatals: A Case of Kenya Airports Authority

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School of communication, Daystar University


The purpose of the study was to evaluate the employee‟s perception of crises communication preparedness at the Kenya Airports Authority (KAA). The objectives of the study were to; evaluate the crises communication preparedness at KAA; examine the prescriptive steps put in place by KAA for communication during crises; find out the availability and utilization of crises communication personnel at KAA; and identify the best practices for crises communication preparedness existing at KAA. The study adopted descriptive research design. The target population was 850 employees of KAA working at the headquarter offices in Nairobi. The study used stratified sampling technique to select a sample size of 85 employees from the target population. A questionnaire was used to collect primary data which was analyzed using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 23.0. The study found that KAA is adequately prepared to communicate during crises at 77%, complete with a communication plan at 80% and structures and procedures to help detect crises and mitigate their impact at 73%. Further, the study established that KAA has prescriptive steps put in place including structures for reputational management at 75%. The personnel within these structures were trained and charged with the task of managing crises at 71%. The study concluded that KAA has an elaborate crises management plan, however, it had not undertaken any drill or mock crises to test the capacity of the procedures, structures and trained personnel in place. The study therefore recommended that the procedures, structures and array of preparedness put in place to manage crises should be regularly tested through drills or mock crises to ensure effectiveness of the range of capabilities to manage crises.




Crisis Communication Preparedness, Employees Perception, Kenya Airports Authority


Shichana, Petronilla Mbishi (2019) An Evaluation of Employees‟ Perception of Crisis Communication Preparedness in Parastatals: A Case of Kenya Airports Authority. School of communication, Daystar University: Thesis