The Effect Of Ceos’ Online Behavior On Corporate Reputation: A Case Study Of Bonfire Adventures

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School of Communication, Daystar University


ABSTRACT In the digital era, a CEO’s online behaviour plays a pivotal role in shaping a company’s reputation. This study addresses the need to understand how CEO Simon Kabu’s online behaviour influences the reputation of Bonfire Adventures, a prominent travel company in Kenya. The study pursued three specific objectives; to examine Bonfire Adventures CEO - Simon Kabu’s online behaviour, to find out whether Bonfire Adventures has implemented strategies to align the online behaviour of its CEO with the company’s reputation and to find out whether Simon Kabu’s online behaviour affects the company’s reputation. An exploratory case study research design was employed. Content analysis of Simon Kabu’s social media posts was conducted to achieve the first and second objectives. For the third objective, survey data from Bonfire Adventures’ social media followers were collected. The findings indicate that Simon Kabu’s online behaviour significantly influences Bonfire Adventures’ reputation, with a majority of audience sentiments being positive. The content analysis revealed a strategic approach in his posts, with a focus on promoting the company. Simon Kabu’s online behaviour aligns with strategic marketing approaches, positively impacting Bonfire Adventures’ reputation. The study recommends diversifying content, striking a balance between personal and professional posts, and investing in measuring the impact of online behaviour to enhance strategic decision-making for reputation management.


Masters Thesis


Ceos’ Online Behavior, Corporate Reputation, Bonfire Adventures


Kabwoya, D. S,. (2023, Thesis). The Effect Of Ceos’ Online Behavior On Corporate Reputation: A Case Study Of Bonfire Adventures. School of Communication, Daystar University