Evaluating Participatory Communication In Sustaining Development Projects: The Daraja Project In Kibera

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School of Communication of Daystar University


ABSTRACT This study investigated the extent of participatory communication within the DARAJA project and its implications for the project's long-term sustainability post-funding. The objectives of the study were to: To identify participatory communication levels employed by Kounkuey Design Initiative (KDI) during the implementation of the DARAJA initiative in Kibera; to gauge the perception of the community on the role of participatory communication in the project's success; and, to assess the community's perspective on the significance of participatory communication for ensuring the project's sustainability. This qualitative study used Key Informant Interviews (KIIs) and Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) and engaged 70 participants, who comprised of 67 community members from four villages in Kibera and three Weather Mtaani leaders. The researcher offers recommendations to project implementers, development organizations, donors, community leaders/residents, and scholars. The researcher encourages project implementers to prioritize empowerment participation and strengthen collaboration and consultation; development organizations to tailor projects to community needs, leverage local leadership, and encourage consortium building; donors to incorporate income-generating aspects and education within projects; community leaders/residents to share best practices, and advocate for participatory communication; and, scholars to explore participatory communication in structural construction projects and the community's role in sustaining initiatives beyond initial funding.


Masters Thesis


Participatory Communication, Development Projects, Daraja Project, Kibera.


Gathoni, B., (2023, Thesis). Evaluating Participatory Communication In Sustaining Development Projects: The Daraja Project In Kibera. School of Communication of Daystar University