Effects of Media Framing On Public Perceptions of Chinese Involvement in the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) In Kenya

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Daystar University School of Communication


The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of media framing on public perceptions of Chinese involvement in the SGR (Standard Gauge Railway) in Kenya between 2014 and 2020. With objectives being to establish the types of frames used by the Kenyan media to portray the SGR, to find out the perception of the public regarding the SGR and to assess how media frames, influence public perception of Kenya-China relations focusing on SGR construction. The findings ascertain the need for media-framing choices by Kenyan media to turn it into a sustainable media organization that acts as a watchdog of the citizens of Kenya on issues of public interest. The study findings will also benefit media practitioners. By reviewing the findings, media practitioners are better informed to make critical decisions about media framing. The theoretical framework for this study defines and introduces framing theory and media dependency theory as the two theories that explain the process through which the pursuit of media framing occurs. The study adopted a triangulation research design that used both questionnaire survey and quantitative content analysis. The study sampled 278 respondents using questionnaires as the main data collection tool. The study established that the media plays a major role in shaping the public perception. Media stories influenced and changed perceptions of Chinese involvement in the SGR by shaping public opinions. The findings also revealed that media frames influenced the perception of Kenya-China relations based on SGR constructions, and that there was a significant relationship between media frames and public perceptions. The study further established that exist moderate the relationship between dominant frames and public perceptions in Chinese involvement in the SGR. The framing theory offers vital insight into ways in which the media in Kenya portrays China to influence its target audience's consciousness.


MASTER OF ARTS in Communication


Media, Framing, Public Perceptions, Chinese Involveme, Standard Gauge Railway (SGR), Kenya


Anyona.J.A(2022).Effects of Media Framing On Public Perceptions of Chinese Involvement in the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) In Kenya:Daystar University School of Communication(Thesis)