Determinants of Successful Strategic Plan Implementation: Lessons from the Church Commissioners for Kenya

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European Journal of Business and Management


The purpose of the study is to establish the determinants of successful strategic plan implementation using a case of The Church Commissioners for Kenya.The concept and practice of strategic planning has been adopted globally and across sectors because of its supposed influence to organizational performance. However, not all strategic plans get realized and therefore the study seeks to establish those factors that would promote successful implementation of the strategic plans.This study used case study design with the case organization being The Church Commissioners for Kenya. Primary data was gathered by the use of questionnaire instrument from a total of 69 members of Management for the case organization. Data was analyzed with the use of the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 21. The findings were presented by the use of frequency tables, graphs and pie charts.The key results of the study indicate that leadership, organizational culture, technology and possession of the unique resources are key determinants of successful strategy implementation. Further results reveal that involvement of the stakeholders at the point of strategy formulation is fundamental for it promotes ownership of the strategy plan during implementation. The study concludes that successful strategy implementation requires a combination of different support factors which would ensure that the formulated strategy is successfully implemented.


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Organizational performance, strategy implementation, strategic plan


Mutie, J. M., & Irungu, D. N. (2014). Determinants of Successful Strategic Plan Implementation: Lessons from the Chu